In Hammer and Nails, there is a girl named Darcy, and she is upset because her best friend is sick, so she can’t play with her. So her dad says, ‘We can do a Darcy-Daddy Date!’ Darcy thinks that ruined her playdate, but she says she will try it. So they take turns doing the things they want to do. Darcy wants to play dress up, so her daddy dresses up in her tutu! Then they mow the lawn together. They do their hair, and then they match socks to do the laundry. The hardest thing for Darcy to do is some real work – hammering the fence. The hardest thing for the dad is to paint their nails! They have a really good day together.

“Darcy’s eyes got big. This was harder than riding the mower or folding some socks. This was real work!”

This book by Josh Bledsoe is really great because it talks about fathers and daughters and things that are maybe hard but if you practice you can get good at it, and something new might be fun! It is so nice that the daddy and the daughter have such a good time together because everyone should get along with each other. It is funny to see the daddy doing his daughter’s things! The book has a funny title because it makes you think about a hammer and nails that go into wood, but the nails are really the nails on your fingers! Everyone will like to read this book about Darcy and her daddy.