The Grumpy Pets

The Grumpy Pets
The Grumpy Pets
by Kristine A. Lombardi
Released April 5, 2016
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9781419718885
Published by Abrams Books for Young Readers
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Billy’s mom is taking him and his sister Sara to the pet store, where hopefully both kids will be able to find their perfect pets. Sara finds all kinds of animals that she loves, but to Billy, every potential pet just seems too… happy. But then Billy finds a motley collection of pets hidden away in the back of the store; maybe here, Billy can find an animal who is just as grumpy as he is.

“They were crabby, cranky, and moody. A little like… Billy.”

Kristine A. Lombardi’s The Grumpy Pets is a cute book that will help kids understand that it’s okay to be whoever you are, even if that means you’re grumpy some (or most) of the time. No matter what your disposition is, there are people–and animals–who will love you and accept you! Lombardi’s illustrations are adorable; readers of all ages will love both Billy and the assorted grumpy pets, especially the disagreeable-looking dog who Billy ultimately decides to take home. The Grumpy Pets is a delightful picture book that kids and parents will love to read over and over again.

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