Children’s Books with Enchanted Illustrations

Children will learn and grow from the books in this roundup. Each book is beautifully illustrated to accompany the lessons children will learn. From bright, vivid cartoon drawings to more muted, realistic illustrations, these books will mesmerize little eyes. These books are perfect for gift-giving or becoming a new favorite bedtime story.

You Are Growing All the Time
Deborah Farmer Kris, Jennifer Zivoin
Free Spirit Publishing

A book that celebrates the ways children grow inside and out, You Are Growing All the Time is written in beautiful, gentle prose with rhymes, affirmations, and positivity. With wonderful color illustrations and words that will help to comfort children and help them understand how they are growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, adults will enjoy reading this book and discussing it with their little ones.

Let’s Add Up! (Big, Little Concepts, 4)
Victoria Allenby
Pajama Press

Let’s Add Up will not only teach little ones their numbers but how to use them creatively. With cute and lively illustrations by Maggie Zeng, author Victoria Allenby uses the number ten to give readers and educators activities for learning that are simple and easy to use. Little ones will love the fun concepts in this book as they hone in on some basic math skills.

The Little Toymaker
Cat Min
Levine Querido c/o Chronicle Books

A twist on gift giving, The Little Toymaker is about a boy who makes toys for grandparents and older folk. This heartwarming story brings to life the act of giving and recognizing the nostalgia of an older generation. With sweet, vibrant illustrations, this dreamlike tale is sure to become a new holiday reading favorite.

Paradise Sands
Levi Pinfold
Candlewick Press

An enchanting book that finds a young girl and her brothers trapped in a ghostly land of paradise. Making a bargain with the commanding creature to let them go back home, the girl is unsure she can fulfill her end of the bargain. With sophisticated, realistic drawings in a muted palette, this book is surreal and haunting and will bring its readers deep into another realm.

All Through the Night
Polly Faber, Harriet Hobday
Candlewick Press

This book illustrates the many jobs that people perform at night. While a young child is getting ready for bedtime, workers such as nurses, cleaners, and police officers are just starting their work shifts. With the deep, vibrant colors used in the illustrations, this book will help children to understand that there are still people awake all through the night while they are tucked safely in their beds. A wonderful book for children who have nighttime anxiety.