The Adventures of Black Dog: Beached Whale

In The Adventures of Black Dog: Beached Whale by Tiffany Schmidt there is this dog named Black Dog, and she finds a bottle with a message inside. It’s from a whale, and the whale said he was beached on the shore and needs some help. Then Black Dog and his family find a rope and tie it around the whale, then they tie it to their ship, and then they pull the whale off the shore back into the ocean. So the whale says thank you and goodbye and the Black Dog goes home to wait for more adventures.

“The note says Whale is in some trouble. Black Dog leaps up on the double.”

This story is written as a poem, with all the lines rhyming. That is pretty fun. The pictures are really good because they are colorful and detailed and help you see what is going on. Black Dog looks really nice and all her people are nice too because they all try to go help the whale or anyone wherever they can. Black Dog is a dog that sails on a ship so she has lots of adventures. This is a really fun story and I think it will be fun to read more adventures of Black Dog!