You’re Doing THAT in the Talent Show?!

There’s a hippo who really wants to go be in a talent show with her friend mouse. She comes up with all these ideas that she thinks will be really fun, and every time she says, “oh, yes, yes!” but he says, “oh, no, no!” and says, “you’re doing THAT in the talent show?” It isn’t very nice. He wants to sing in the choir but she wants to be the star of the show. So she does her trapeze-Rapunzel-ballet act. But then her hair gets stuck so the mouse comes and helps her get free, and everyone thinks it is part of the act.

“Of course I’m making a scene,’ said Penelope. ‘Soon we’ll all be making a scene. Look! The SCHOOL TALENT SHOW!'”

I give this book, You’re doing THAT in the Talent Show?! five stars. I like this book by Lynn Plourde because it talks about friendship and about them being friends and they are not particularly nice to each other because the mouse doesn’t think the hippo should do the things she wants to do, but they are still nice to each other because they find a way that they don’t have to do the same thing and they don’t have to be the same but they can still be friends. The pictures by Sue Cornelison are really fun because you get to see what the mouse and the hippo are imagining and how they think it will be really fun or not fun to do the things in the talent show. The animals are really funny! This is a good book for you if you want a funny story about friends.