Uncle Grandpa’s Cheesy Joke Book

If you need some laughs, and you’re in a silly mood, Uncle Grandpa Cheesy Joke Book by Wrigley Stuart is what you are looking for. Kids love to tell jokes, but sometimes coming up with something more unique than asking why the chicken crossed the road, is difficult. This super silly book is artfully filled with pictures of speaking bubbles and chalked full of jokes that are clean, funny and easy to memorize so that you don’t wind up hearing the same one over and over.

“Why does pizza Steve like to use frozen band aids?”

Creatively, this is also a good book for those who find it hard to sit still and read. There is quite a bit on each page, even if splattered in the talking bubbles, and the vocabulary is fantastic. For adults wanting to brighten the day of the child who is bored, lonely, sad, and could use a good laugh, or just loves to laugh for fun Uncle Grandpa Cheesy Joke Book would make a fun book to pick up. Kids can read it all the way through or open the page and do a bit at a time, which makes it even more fun to read again and again, unlike many books which once they are read, the story ends and typically the book simply sits on a shelf.