The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50

Everyone has heard of the wild twenties, flirty thirties, and amazing forties when in regards to your sexual pleasure; however what happens after turning fifty? Not much is said when men and women turn fifty and older and how they keep the sex “alive.” In comes The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50 book by Joan Price.

Five percent of women and 4 percent of men over sixty-five are single and never married.

She talks about how to keep the sex heated with growing age. Some of the topics that she talks about are major issues that many people go through such as having a long time partner and keeping the bedroom heated; as well as trying to find a partner when you are older and single. Some other topics that have been brought up are “growing pains” that happen with older age and how to work around those. Furthermore, she discloses how to pleasure yourself and using toys to keep your libido alive.

This book is meant for women and men over the age of 50 who want to further their sexual lifestyle. It answers many questions that many would have that would help educate people. Even if the bedroom is still heated, this book can spot a light on issues that may come up and is a good reference book for the future.

Reviewed by Ashley Balanovich