Thor’s Serpents

The descendants of Norse Gods must gather together to fight those trying to bring the world to an end. Things are not easy for them because they have to fight their own personal battles – external and internal – as well.

 “Matt looked up into the sky, at the stars, and he made his final demand to the god of storm and thunder The skies opened in answer.”

Thor’s Serpents by Kelley L. Armstrong and Melissa A. Marr is the final book in a trilogy. This is the classic good versus evil story with youth as the main characters. The storyline definitely builds upon the events contained in the first two books, so the reader should be familiar with the earlier books or will find themselves somewhat lost with all of the Norse names and references. The characters are interesting and you care for them a little bit but do not really get to love them because they are not that well developed in this book. The story starts off slowly but does get a bit more interesting once the big battle begins, about halfway through the book. The writing seemed choppy and did not flow as well as you would expect.

If you have read the first two books in this series, you will find this book ties up the loose ends and concludes the character’s stories. If you simply pick up this book as your first book in this series, you may be a bit lost. If you read it, read it as a series, in order.