The Jungle Book

Mowgli was a boy who got chased into a wolf’s den by a tiger. The tiger wanted to eat him, but the wolves decided to keep him and raise him as a wolf. Some of the wolves didn’t want him to be a wolf, so Bagheera, the black panther, and Baloo, the bear, promised that they would teach him. Mowgli learned all the languages of every animal and how to live in the jungle. Once, he felt that Baloo was being too hard on him, so he tried to go run away with the monkey people. But then when the monkeys brought him to their lost city, Baloo and Bagheera and Kaa, the rock python, rescued him. But then most of the wolves turned against him because they listened to the tiger, so Mowgli got some fire from the village and chased the tiger and the wolves that turned against them away.

“Mowgli ran forward and threw the firepot down. Red coals jumped out, and a tuft of moss went up in flames. Shere Khan and the wolves drew back in fear.”

The Jungle Book was written by Rudyard Kipling. This book was written by Laura Driscoll. This is a good retelling of the Jungle Book story. It would be best for children who are young and like picture books, because it has pictures that are very colorful and have lots of animals that are fun to look at. It helps you think about what is happening in the story, so if you don’t know this story already it would be a good book to start to learn what it is about. If you have read the story, you might be disappointed that there are lots of things left out, because the long book is a lot more fun, but since it is really long it might be too long for young children. So this would be a good book for them. It is a fun story and it is fun to read about Mowgli learning to talk with the animals.