The Dark Ones


The supernatural world is often not what it appears. The Dark Ones are a lethal pack of werewolves known for their black color and ruthless penchant for death and violence. As Rose and her pack discover, the barrier between the immortals and the “others” of the supernatural realm not only includes a major difference in powers and strength, but also in knowledge and secrecy.  Ruth’s pack is tasked with facing an unknown enemy that is targeting the Lord of the Underworld and ruthlessly annihilating endangered super natural beings in the most painful of ways. Their enemy is creating an army against them and yet, they don’t even know who or what they are facing. As Ruth and her team uncover more about these gruesome slaughters, her attraction to the Lord of the Underworld becomes increasingly more difficult to avoid.  Rose has always been able to take care of herself and her reluctance to give in to anything the Dark Lord desires provides a witty and flirtatious byplay that is both fun and intriguing in its development throughout the story.

“‘We will hold the border between our worlds together. Even if I have to slash a thousand throats for you to remain by my side.'”

Gaja J Kos has a talent in slowly revealing the multiple facets of the mystery while keeping the reader on the edge of their seats waiting anxiously to discover each new clue as she reveals them. The characters play off each other well and the relationship between the pack is one of easy camaraderie and a tightness that is relatable for any close group of friends. The closeness of the pack is what makes them the victorious soldiers that they are as they uncover the truth of their lineage and just how much of a threat their pack could be, even against the Immortals themselves. Lucky for the world, the Dark Ones have chosen the path of defending good, but the revelation of their powers and abilities may lead those on the council to view them as more of a threat than a benefit to their reign. The future of the Dark Ones is left unsettled as the rest of the supernatural world take-in what they are capable of and just how powerful they can be. Will they be defending the supernatural world or their own pack lives next and what will be in store for Rose and her Dark Lord Veles?