The Boring Book

In this book, there is a book that people say is super super boring. All the people that try to read it fall asleep because it is so super boring. But then the words in the book said they were tired of being boring, and they wanted to have fun instead! So the words played and had lots of fun, and then the words went out of the book and all through the world having a lot of fun. But then people got confused and upset and they told the words to be quiet. But when the words went away, the people thought everything was boring, so they decided to use the words to not be boring anymore. And then the book wasn’t boring anymore either.

“Then they realized. the words were still there! Inside their heads. All sorts of word. And this time they didn’t shut them up.”

There is a little book inside this big book, which is really fun, because the little book shows how all the words play around and change the book to not be boring anymore. The words are colorful and lots of different sizes, because the words are really fun and like to have fun. The Boring Book by Vasanti Unka is kind of a boring book at first, but it gets a lot better at the end. The best part is the little book at the end where you can write your own story and draw your own pictures in it, so it isn’t boring at all.