Do you want to be able to wow people at parties by your knowledge of all things sex? Do you dream of dropping sexual knowledge bombs on the unsuspecting? Do you know that kissing is more hygienic than shaking hands? Do you know the average length of a 200 pound gorilla’s penis? Learn these and a whole lot more in SEX Facts: 369 Facts to Blow You Away.

“Male llamas have sharp ‘fighting teeth’, used to bite off other males’ testicles.”

This book has a little bit of everything, research results, sea creature information, animal statistics, insect factoids and historical sex habits. Sadie Cayman doesn’t have any rhyme or reason to the order of the facts but it keeps you interested to see what little tidbit of knowledge she’s going to blow your mind with next. Keep this little book in a purse or backpack to pull out when bored at a doctor’s office or on your lunch break, plop it on the back of your toilet or on your coffee table as a conversation starter; there are fun facts for just about anyone old enough to read about such things. Share what you learn with your significant other or best friend to gross them out or make them laugh, it’s truly up to you.