Seekers: Forest of Wolves #4

When the four bears go into a new forest, Toklo, a brown grizzly bear, finds out that it was the place where he was born. He is excited to hear this. His younger brother died here, so Toklo wants to find the grave. But an older bear tells him that the forest has been taken over by wolves. Toklo is not happy to hear this. He is scared of the wolves because the four bears were chased by coyotes before. Will history repeat itself, or will the bears have the upper paw this time?

 “It’s not for me to tell you and the others what to do. This is your journey now.”

Seekers: The Forest of Wolves continues Erin Hunter’s second series about the bear friends. The book has the elements that the other books in the series have: suspense, action, fun, and excitement. You need to be a bear lover, or at least one who like bears and animals. There is a just a bit of gore, but it’s not too much and it made the book more exciting.

Ms. Hunter does explain a bit about the background in this book. However, as this book is part of a series, you should read the other books first, in order, so that you can understand the characters and their history better.