In the world created by L.D. Rose in Releasing The Demons, the war between vampires and humans has destroyed most of the major cities as we know them. People are afraid to leave their house after dusk, barricading themselves against possible vampire attacks. That is all but a few brave detectives and a band of vigilante brothers. Blaze and his brothers, all with unique talents and abilities, attempt to protect the city against vampire attacks, putting themselves in harm’s way, but they aren’t exactly human. They are part of a hybrid experiment and an agency of half vampire/half human creatures that are charged with protecting the cities they reside in. Valerie is a New York City detective who has seen too much death and destruction, beginning when she was just a child and found her younger sister as the victim of a violent vampire attack. Her sister’s death has been the driving force fueling her warpath against all things vampire; she just wishes she’d win more than she loses. Vampire attacks are becoming harder and harder to prevent and solve, except for this group of vigilante protectors around the city saving victims and leaving them with some rather strange accounts. When her paths cross with Blaze in the course of a vampire attack and murder investigation, she immediately knows he is more than just human, but she can’t stop the attraction or intrigue he sparks in her. As they spend more time together and begin to care about each other, the question remains, can she overlook the monster in him or will his vampire genes be too much for her to overcome.