Princess Sophie had a nice mother and father and six brothers that she loved very much. But then one day her mother fell ill and died. When their father went out and found another wife, Sophie was really mad. The stepmother wove six shirts, and threw them over the brothers, and transformed them into six swans. A year later, Princess Sophie saw six swans, who landed and became her brothers for just one night. They told her she had to get some thorns and weave them into cloth to make shirts for them. Much later, she heard a young king come by where she was working; much later, she finally married him and then had a baby. But she wasn’t able to talk while she was making the shirts, and when her baby was born, her stepmother stole it away. Sophie was about to be executed, when she heard the rush of wings, so she threw her shirts toward them into the air.

“For months, I wandered. One evening, I heard a rush of wings. Six beautiful swans touched the earth. My brothers stood before me!”

This book is nice because of the story, because Sophie finally gets her child back and her stepmother can’t bother her anymore. She also gets to be with her brothers, and she can speak, so she lives happily every after with her husband. You will really like the story. The pictures have a lot of details you can look at, and they are pretty, although I don’t like the pictures of the people very much. But it is still fun to look at. You should read Princess Sophie and the Six Swans buy Kim Jacobs if you want to read a good story with a happy ending!