Oh no! President William Howard Taft has gotten himself stuck in his tub! What is a world leader to do? Call all his advisers, of course. But can they solve his problem? Mac Barnett’s book, ‘President Taft is Stuck in the Bath’ is a very cute way to introduce children to the prospect that history is more than dates and important events. History is full of fun anecdotes like this! Children are taken through a silly string of problem solving until finally a logical solution is found.

“Send deep-sea divers into the tub!” said the secretary of the Navy.

At the end of his story, Barnett includes a few myths and facts about President Taft and the Presidential bathtub. Burnett, along with Chris van Dusen’s amusing illustrations, creates a fun story that is perfect for older children (I’m thinking kindergarten through third grade). It’s an especially good match for those children (and lets admit it, adults) who enjoy bathroom humor.