A long time ago, some fairy tales were written, and they have been twisted and distorted until no one remembers often what the original truly was. In sleeping beauty, was Maleficent evil or nice? Were the queen and king really to blame? And those three little fairies, what was the actual wishes they gave poor Aurora? If you aren’t entirely set in stone, Disney press has discovered an author who puts a whole new spin on the tale. Once Upon A Dream: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell, is the story that you never imagined. The prince doesn’t quite make it to the kiss, and throughout the book, you discover that Aurora is dreaming a dream which there is no one to rescue her, but the dream she has found herself in is a safe one, but a curious one.

“There was something about the way the guards couldn’t keep their eyes on their mistress but let them slip to the pale body they now held.”

Things get stranger and messages try to break through. Aurora has to wake herself up! It is a clever alternative and one that explores more about who Aurora is, which wasn’t done in the Disney movies. Aurora typically is just the flighty princess, which she certainly starts out being as she twirls through the halls because she has no purpose and is assumed not to be capable of making decisions. Once she realizes that she is far more able than given credit for, the book becomes even more magical. Once Upon A Dream: A Twisted Tale is a fabulous book for anyone who loves fairy tales!