In the beginning…in a way you’ve never seen it before. Hilariously funny take on Genesis with irreverent answers to all those niggling questions everyone that has read the Bible has, whether they admit it or not. Beginning with the foreword; Genesis takes on a whole new meaning as God creates the heavens and earth and everything else, or does he? Were Adam and Eve the first people and why wouldn’t Noah get off the ark? These questions and more come up and are answered with flagrant disregard for anyone’s religious beliefs.

‘God finally speaks up and says, essentially, “Noah! Get off the boat, you lunatic.”‘

Micah Edwards takes on The Holy Bible in Okay, So Look and he is hopelessly hilarious and blatantly blasphemous all the while. This is probably one of the funniest books on religion you will ever read and Edwards hits on almost every question ever posed about the first book of the Bible, but it is also absolutely irreverent. This is an enjoyable read for an extremely select audience. I in no way recommend this book for young or teen readers as the questions brought up and the answers given could cause this susceptible group to make religious decisions based on humor not fact. Only readers with a well rounded sense of humor, especially concerning religion should attempt this book.