Anyone who listens to their local National Public Radio station with any regularity has no doubt experienced a “driveway moment:” the story that is so fascinating that you just can’t bear to get out of the car until you’ve heard the rest of it. NPR’s newest compilation of these compelling pieces is NPR Driveway Moments: Love Stories. All of these stories celebrate love in one way or another, from stories of forbidden romance between clergy people, to thoughts on how a father’s treasured gift from his ex-wife inspire new thinking about the hows and whys of love, to the “club” of people in Verona, Italy, who answer the many letters that arrive addressed to Shakespeare’s Juliet. These stories are of the high caliber that listeners expect from NPR, and while some of them will no doubt be hit or miss with different listeners, there are plenty that will hold the attention of people from all walks of life. This is a great collection, and would be fantastic for a road trip or to listen to on a long flight.