The Mysterious Moonstone (Key Hunters)

Cleo and Evan are good friends who love to visit the library. One day while they are there, they hear the librarian cry out. When they rush over to see if something is wrong, they find she has gone into a secret library. They open a book and suddenly find themselves traveling into it. They are detectives! Their boss is a detective named Artie, who tells them that they have a mystery to solve: they have to find out who stole the Moonstone. The Moonstone changes color with the moon, and it has been stolen! As they search for the Moonstone, they also have to find a key to unlock the next book in the secret library.

“‘You don’t understand,’ Lady Musgrave said. ‘The Musgrave Moonstone is cursed!'”

The Mysterious Moonstone by Eric Luper is the first book in the series, The Key Hunters, where Cleo and Evan have to collect four keys so they can get into the books in the secret library. Each book is a different type of story. The Mysterious Moonstone is a mystery story, and it is really fun. You get to find the clues along with Cleo and Evan, but there are still some things in it that will surprise you. Cleo and Evan make a good team. They are good friends but they have very different personalities. Evan is very smart and Cleo just loves to jump into any adventure. This book was suspenseful but not scary, and it was impossible to put down! This book is a short, exciting chapter book that mystery fans will love, and it is a great introduction to this new series. I can hardly wait to find out what happens next!