There are two grandmothers, and they are very different from each other! One is like a hen and one is like a bee, and one is like the sun and the other is like the moon. One grandmother speaks French, and one speaks English. Their Christmases are different, and their dogs are different. They have different hairdos and they wear different glasses. The English one wears her comfortable shoes and takes slow steps, and the French one wears high heels and takes fast steps. But they both love their grandchildren!

 “Memere and Nannie are as different from each other as a bee from a hen or the sun from the moon.”

My Two Grandmothers by Diane Leger is a really fun book because it is interesting. I like how it is illustrated to show you what the grandmothers look like and how they are different from each other. The person telling the story is ‘me’ – she is talking about her two real grandmothers that she had growing up. The best picture shows how the grandmothers get around. The English grandmother is taking the bus, but the French grandmother likes to speed in her big car! This book is really nice to read because it shows how even though the grandmothers are really different they both love their grandchildren and their grandchildren love both of them!