Somewhere between an art/literary journal, a compilation of artist’s sketch books and a scanned copy of a poet’s notebook, Mirror Mirror 1, edited by Blaise Larmee is a minimalistic dialogue subverting the idea of what a physical book should and can be. Those who enjoy contemplating the transference of paper culture into digital culture and visa versa might be interested. When I showed the book, beautifully bound, no expense spared on printing, to my roommate, she said, “I have no idea what it is but I’m intrigued.”

the dew
the dew
3d printing
optional focus
process of expansion
weakening effects of specialization
tempts but not effected
by its inclusion of knowledge
—“the time”

Tracy Auch

Dashed off charcoal drawings compete with snippets of verse scribbled over in pen ink, compete with storyboard like sketches and screen shots of typed diatribes. Narrative nor explanation are not even attempted. Mirror Mirror 1 is an exhibition of 10 artists in print and is a flagship anthology. Experimental. Artistic. Beautiful. Youthful. A pleasure to hold. If looking for narrative and obvious meaning this may not be your cup of tea. If you are an art student who loves to be challenged and confused, then find it, hold it, gaze at it, explain it, start a dialogue.

Mirror Mirror 1 is a book and a beautiful object.