A boy and his brand new book… He just wants to read, but all of his animal friends keep spoiling the story for him! Is there any way he can escape and have a chance to find out the end for himself?

 “No one better spoil this one for me.”

Author Minh Lê’s debut children’s story follows the adventures of a young boy who just wants a chance to read by himself, all the way through. This fun picture book is sure to have young readers giggling within the first few pages, as the boy struggles to escape the blabbermouth animals that surround him. And as he runs farther and farther away, he finds himself entering unknown territory; perhaps finishing on his own wasn’t the best thing after all! Illustrations by Isabel Roxas bring this clever story to life, and readers of all ages will appreciate the colorful pictures and cartoony animals. The youngest of readers might have a hard time following the story, but most kids will love Let Me Finish! (and so will their parents!).