For those that are able to afford to actually retire, they do so and after a week or so of sleeping in without having to be anywhere, do anything or have a daily to do list, they wonder “Now what?” Sometimes this leaves those people who worked hard all their life for the moment to do all those things they put off wondering what their purpose and contribution to the world is. In an age where we live longer sleeping in and traveling sounds great, but what about the down time where there feels like nothing to do? How do you keep your mind and body fit, active and involved?

 “As we search for a sense of purpose in retirement, we do well to get in touch with the small things that matter to us.”

It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond is written by Julia Cameron with Emma Lively and addresses these thoughts by creating a twelve week path of discovery through a creative process. A book which includes journaling ideas and suggestions for creative outlets, this is a book written to with direction to look inside yourself and let out the subdued ideas and long-ago desires which have never had the opportunity to be explored. It finally discusses having faith to do so, rebuilding confidence in a new outlook on your life and direction to a new adventure. For retirees or empty nesters who just feel lost, this is a good example of paths out in the world to be explored and discovering a new part of yourself along the way.