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Idiot’s Guides to Drawing Pets is a step-by-step instructional manual on how to draw 50 pets. Covering a wide range of animals, Williams’s lessons include mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and one arachnid that are grouped into five levels of difficulty—from easier to more challenging. Williams offers a fresh detailed and user-friendly approach to drawing.


“Drawing a pet begins with spending some time observing it.”

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The newest addition to the highly popular Idiot’s Guides series, Drawing Pets is uniquely designed to meet various creativity needs. Williams’s contribution to the series not only provides a lengthy collection of pets, but also captures the interest of a wide array of ages. As with most drawing books, Williams opens with the basic elements for sketching. Yet key to his approach is his eye-appealing page formats that build sketchers’ confidence. Williams combines very thorough explanations and fun-filled facts set within seamlessly grouped levels of difficulty. Williams also takes the time to explain the importance of creating a shape a certain way. A good example is how shading is used to create the illusion of rounding in the body of a snake. Meeting a wide age range, Idiot’s Guides to Drawing Pets is best suited for sketchers from early elementary school age to adults.