In this book, I Will Fight Monsters For You, by Santi Balmes, there is a little girl named Martina. She is going to bed, but she is not happy, because she is afraid that a monster is going to come out from under her bed from under her floor. She thinks that the monster will make a hole in the floor and then pull her down into the monster world. But her father says he will fight monsters for her, but she has to be brave. So then, she falls asleep and dreams about a monster girl named Anitram. Anitram is scared of the human that lives under her bed! And the human is scared of Anitram. But Anitram’s father tells her that if she’s not so scared her fear will shrink until you can’t even see it. Then Anitram falls asleep too. Then Anitram and Martina hold hands while they are sleeping, and they feel happy, because there is nothing to be afraid of.

“That night Anitram couldn’t sleep. She was sure that the HUMAN girl would make a hole in the floor, grab her arm, and maybe pull her through to the HUMAN world.”

I love this book because they were both happy at the end. Martina found out that the monster was actually really nice, but monsters in the real world are not nice. I know because they came to life when I started to have a nightmare. But it would be fun to have a monster like Anitram, because she is really nice. The pictures are really fun and nice too.