Ada Goth is the daughter of Lord Goth, who has allowed the dog-judging contest to take place at his manor this year. Ada’s friend Emily, and some other friends are coming over to watch the show. But during the first night, there are weird snuffling sounds, and in the morning, shoes have been chewed on, meat has been stolen, and there are strange marks and a bone left outside in the snow. Ada and her friends have to figure out this curious mystery before the show is ruined. They also have to stop the cheating housekeeper.

“Dr Cabbage handed Ada a letter with a green stamp on it before returning to the desk, which now looked even untidier. Ada opened the letter…”

Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright by Chris Riddell is a funny story that tweens would enjoy reading for a silly Halloween evening entertainment. Some of the characters are people you know from other fantasy stories, like Pippi Longstocking and Elsa (from Disney’s “Frozen”), or from classic literature, but with a twist, like Georgie Eliot or Plain Austen. The book itself is very beautiful, with gilded edges and a silk marker ribbon, which gives it a nice Gothic feel, and which is particularly amusing with Chris Riddell’s hilariously whimsical illustrations. The story seems like it is supposed to be spooky and haunting, but really it is lighthearted and unserious, and really just a lot of fun.