Gork isn’t the fiercest or the scariest dragon in the Universe, actually he’s far from it. Gork’s big, emotional heart and his tiny horns put together with his low ratings in almost every conceivable category that makes a great dragon would automatically doom any other dragon after graduation to become a slave. But Gork has other plans and to avoid that destination on the Crown Day he needs to fulfill his Queen Quest and find a mating partner with whom to conquer another planet, also known as the EggHarvest tradition!

“By this point I couldn’t stop running if I wanted to. And if I’ve got a weak spot in my running game, it’s my inability to brake.”

Gork, the Teenage Dragon by Gabe Hudson is told from the main character Gork’s POV and for the most part takes place in one day. And boy!, what a day it is! From running away from the school’s pumped up jocks or teleportation portal guards to visiting the Underworld, the office of the only professor among all dragon schools who is actually dead and so much more!

Gork, the Teenage Dragon is packed with exciting and crazy events and good humour that Gork really needs to survive the daily taunting, not just from other students but also from his grandfather Dr. Terrible who works there as a professor, and the constant chance of being eaten by some other dragon as less than half of the students that begin their studies actually are alive to graduate! Throughout this book Gork learns that your greatest weakness in the eyes of others can in fact be your greatest strength. And if by chance you see some big, green and scaly creature there’s no need to start running!