Get Smart! How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field by bestselling author, Brian Tracy, is not another simplistic positive thinking book. It’s a book of thinking tools to help people move forward in life, and even take “quantum leaps.” Intelligence is defined as more than IQ. It’s “a way of acting.” The reader will learn how to set goals in all areas of life, financial, relational, physical. There are “Action Exercises” at the end of each chapter. Learn about “slow” vs. “fast” thinking, and other thinking styles, why it’s important to write down details, and practice solitude. Included are useful acronyms to help the reader remember (GOSPA, ABCDE, KWINK).

“You and your mind are extraordinary.”

Learn the difference between informed and uninformed thinking, and how to develop the “Big Three of Superior Thinking.” Learn why your “earning ability” is your most valuable financial asset, and about the “80/20 Rule.” Tracy’s suggestion that there’s too much play in school that impedes future success is debatable, although too much socializing on the job can be detrimental.

Tracy will show you how to work from a list to increase productivity, set priorities, and accept responsibility. He quotes Churchill, Einstein, Steve Jobs, and others as he encourages us to open up our thinking. The best chapter is his chapter on creative thinking, and his advice to check your e-mail only twice a day. This book is about thinking and habit-making and would make a great high school or college textbook, but is also for the general reader who wants to get ahead.