The word for this book is “Savor”. This is not a book of fast foods. Once a month, on the full moon, Annemarie Ahern, the author of Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm has a dinner party with ten to sixteen guests. The book lists recipes and preparations for these suppers. The author lives by the ocean and some, but not all, of the recipes include fish or shellfish. They are timed and tuned to the different months of the year, from produce that is in season, or has been in storage against the winter; or shellfish at their peak season; or meats that traditionally are available in the fall.

“Hosting a monthly supper is a good practice for both seasoned and aspiring home cooks, a means of honing your skills in the kitchen and building your appreciation for seasonal fare. It’s also a fine excuse to converse around a beautifully set table and to feast upon food that feeds all the senses.”

They are not hard, but some are involved with two and three parts for flavor and gorgeous presentation. The author savors not only the food, but the planning, the inviting, and most especially the preparation of the dishes themselves. This is not only a cookbook but a way of entertaining that is relaxing, without being taxing, rewarding without frantic investment. She savors her time in the kitchen. She savors her time enjoying the responses of her guests to her efforts. She savors how the food melds and fits with each particular theme. This is a cookbook to slow down with, plan carefully with and experiment a little with to create an atmosphere of contentment in a frantic world.