In this Dear Dumb Diary, Jamie Kelly’s best friend Isabella, and the popular girl Angeline, want to be rich and famous and want tons of money, and they also want a phone, so they try to make money. So they sell plates with the four food groups on it. They try to convince people to eat healthier, and try to teach them something about obesity.

“Lying is good, I said to myself…”

The Dumb Diary series is not my favorite because the writing is awkward at times and it does not flow well. The book also jumps around in topics, for a example, on the back cover Jamie talks about bringing soda cans to school because the lunches are gross or whatever. But they whole book is about them trying to teach people about obesity! What’s the point of that back cover story? It also doesn’t match the content of the book. The drawings in the book don’t make any sense at all either. There is a lot of rude humor in the book that is inappropriate and is not good for youngsters. The characters are sassy, and sometimes do not play their part in the book.

If you like the Dumb Diary series than you might like this book. But if you don’t this book might not be the best for you. This book would be good for girls ages 10-12.