He is one of the most famous authors in Russian literature, if not in world literature. He wrote some of the most famous books, one of them being Crime and Punishment. Many consider him to be father of Russian realism, and he was almost executed before he wrote his most famous works. His name is Fyodor Dostoyevsky and this is his story.

“Moscow’s Mariinsky Hospital for the Poor was a place of death for the poverty-stricken people of the city.”

Judith Gunn presents a portrait of a troubled man who struggled with epilepsy throughout his adult life, and his struggle to form real friendships. Growing up in a middle class family surrounded by poverty, he saw a side of Russia many authors at that time did not see. While he struggled, he wrote such passionate books, including his last one The Brothers Karamazov. Mrs. Gunn gives us an in depth look into this famous writer, bringing him to life to readers who might not know much about his story; other than he wrote some famous books we had to read in English classes. Mrs. Gunn does an excellent job, and does not get side tracked, which happens, following side stories. She keeps her focus on her topic, Dostoyevsky.