It’s Saturday night, and all of the dinosaurs are living it up at the disco! Styracosaurus, Maiasaura, Pteranodons, and more are all dancing the night away. But what will happen when the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex makes his appearance on the dance floor?

“The doors open, the crowd surges, music starts to pump. Styracosaurus salsas, Corythosaurus crumps.”

Deborah Kelly’s Dinosaur Disco is a cute picture book that combines two of children’s favorite things: dinosaurs and dancing. The story is told in rhyme, although the cadence is a little off at times; some of the sections just don’t work very well, which makes this book a little bit awkward to read aloud. Daron Parton’s illustrations are cheerful and colorful, and kids will love to see dinosaurs dancing and showing off their style. Young readers may not understand all of the specific dance references–what’s a crump, or a moonwalk?–but they’ll still be able to get into the spirit of the book. This book is a fun addition to the library of any child who loves dinosaurs.