The Color of Our Sky: A Novel

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Born to a village prostitute, Mukta learns at a young age that her fate lies the same way. But after her mother’s death, she gets an unexpected reprieve when she is taken away to be a house girl for a family in the city of Mumbai. Even more unexpected is her friendship with Tara, the daughter of the house, who shows Mukta what a normal life is like. However, Mukta can’t escape her fate forever, and is kidnapped a few years later and brought back to the very life she nearly avoided. Years later, Tara has returned to India to search for Mukta, driven by friendship and a guilty conscience. Will the two ever be reunited?


“The only way we can rectify our mistakes is to try to undo the wrong we have done.”

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Amita Trasi’s debut novel, The Color of Our Sky, is a beautiful, sweeping story that delves into some of the shadier aspects of Indian society. The caste system, human trafficking, the world of brothels… all are a bit disturbing for those unfamiliar, but readers will gain an interesting perspective on human behavior. Ultimately, though, this story is a beautiful testament to friendship, to the hope such pure love can give us and to the things we will do for another person.