The Color of Our Sky: A Novel

Born to a village prostitute, Mukta learns at a young age that her fate lies the same way. But after her mother’s death, she gets an unexpected reprieve when she is taken away to be a house girl for a family in the city of Mumbai. Even more unexpected is her friendship with Tara, the daughter of the house, who shows Mukta what a normal life is like. However, Mukta can’t escape her fate forever, and is kidnapped a few years later and brought back to the very life she nearly avoided. Years later, Tara has returned to India to search for Mukta, driven by friendship and a guilty conscience. Will the two ever be reunited?

“The only way we can rectify our mistakes is to try to undo the wrong we have done.”

Amita Trasi’s debut novel, The Color of Our Sky, is a beautiful, sweeping story that delves into some of the shadier aspects of Indian society. The caste system, human trafficking, the world of brothels… all are a bit disturbing for those unfamiliar, but readers will gain an interesting perspective on human behavior. Ultimately, though, this story is a beautiful testament to friendship, to the hope such pure love can give us and to the things we will do for another person.