Here is a massive volume so thick it may be too much for some coffee tables. Botticelli Reimagined was assembled by four museum curators Ana Debenetti, Mark Evans, Ruben Rebmann and Stefan Wepplemann. It is all about the highly influential Italian painter Sandro Botticelli. Not very popular during his lifetime and quickly forgotten after his death in fifteen-ten, Botticelli’s paintings and painting style have been rediscovered in the nineteenth century, and his influence on painters continued to this day. This book explores the lives and works of Botticelli and his influence in extreme details. This study is mostly academic with many superscript numbers referring to chapter-by-chapter notes. Although this book belongs to libraries, museums and art schools, art lovers will have months’ of reading material.

“Botticelli is one of a mere handful of artists whose works are instantly recognizable to a very wide and increasingly global public…”

The book is of high-end production with hundreds of illustrations both by Botticelli and by artists, even fashion designers, influenced by Botticelli’s unique artwork. In the section the Nineteenth Century, eight experts present short illustrated scholarly essays on Botticelli then in the section of Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries, further eight authorities give short essays on the similar subject. The reader will be amazed the tremendous and lasting influence this painter had on so many areas beside art.