Julia Quinn’s Because of Miss Bridgerton is an extremely enjoyable read. It is a witty historical romance between two characters that grew up hating each other, only to find that there may be more beneath the surface of their antagonistic relationship- like a deep seeded attraction and respect for the other person.

“’I hate you!’ she called. He couldn’t help but smile. It was quite the merriest declaration of hate he’d ever heard. ‘I hate you, too,’ he murmured.”

The Rokesby’s and the Bridgerton’s are as close as family. They spend their holidays together and the children grew up as inseparable as if they lived in the same households. All except for George, the oldest Rokesby who always felt a bit left out of the relationship his younger siblings had with the Rokesby children, especially the unconventional and strong-headed Billie. The two constantly antagonized each other, neither appreciating the others presence; however, when they are all thrown together for an extended house party, Billie and George find that their hostile views of each other may have been ill placed and the new attraction they feel puts them both on edge and in complete disbelief.

The story line is engaging and Quinn has a way of bringing the scene to life for her readers. The byplay between the characters and the way they interacted with each other was hilarious and made the reader feel like they were witnessing the bond between people who grew up as close as siblings and are essentially the best of friends.