There is something magical about the instant love for a puppy. Combined with a young boy receiving his first puppy which is sure to be a lifelong friend, Bailey’s Story is about a young dog who finds his human. This charming story is beautifully written from the point of view of Bailey, the young Labrador who comes to a new home on a farm and meets a little boy who clearly is meant to be his. The thoughts of the dog are so emotionally portrayed, that this reminds anyone that animals have emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas, no matter how simple or misunderstood they may seem to humans. Readers will cry along with the family when the pet cat gets sick and passes away, and when Bailey tries to sooth them by nuzzling and getting right in their face because he is still here, so there is no need to be sad.

“We were up before the birds call. We both marked–I was surprised! I’d never seen a boy mark before.”

Heartwarming and funny, the book also includes wonderful discussion questions in an attempt to aim the book for classroom read-a-louds or individual reading. Author W. Bruce Cameron does a fantastic job in creating a story which can appeal to multiple ages and genders, because anyone would want to love on this adorable dog. Readers will certainly want to cuddle with the nearest dog after or during reading of Bailey’s Story.