In the book An Armadillo in New York by Julie Kraulis, there was an armadillo named Arlo, and he was going to New York to meet Lady Liberty. His grandfather made him a journal of where he should go on adventures. I like this book because it is fun, interesting, and nice. I like looking at all the pictures of the different places Arlo visits in New York. Arlo is such a cute armadillo! He sees museums and the library and goes to a baseball game. He eats tacos and pretzels from the street food vendors, and he visits all sorts of things.

“Lady Liberty was quite a marvel too, sporting a cutting-edge copper outfit.”

My favorite picture is when Arlo is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. His grandfather told him that once someone had twenty-one elephants walk across it at once!But the whole time he is looking for Lady Liberty, because he doesn’t know what she is. She is the Statue of Liberty! Finally he meets her and he is amazed! When you read this book you get to see lots of the things that make New York a really interesting place, and it makes you want to go visit Lady Liberty too!