This book is about how you would really die if you did something. Like if you were in an airplane and the window popped out, or if you lost your head, or if you were buried alive. What would happen if you were hit by a meteorite, or barreled over Niagara Falls, or took a swim outside a deep-sea submarine? There are many, many more. In all the cases, you would end up dead; but this tells you exactly HOW you will die. If you toured the potato chip factory and fell off the catwalk onto the floor, you might break a few bones and possibly die. But if you fell of the catwalk into the potatoes, you would be smashed, bashed, boiled, and baked, until you were formed into the chip shape and flavored with ranch, pepper, or a few other flavorings, then stuffed into a can. Your body would make many, many crisps. But they would taste even more disgusting than chips usually do.

“All that being said, a mile-wide meteor is enough for incredible destruction, but probably not enough to extinguish life on the planet. While the dust and smoke it would kick up would cool the globe and cause widespread crop failure and famine, most likely it wouldn’t wipe out all human life.”

And Then You’re Dead: What Really Happens If You Get Swallowed by a Whale, Are Shot from a Cannon, or Go Barreling Over Niagara is an entertaining, although kind of morbid book that teaches you a lot of science in a very funny way. Sometimes it does get rather gruesome! But you will enjoy learning what really happens, and all the different scenarios will keep you interested for hours. Cody Cassidy’s writing is brisk and informative, and humorous, and easy to understand and enjoy. Get this book.