Diamond weaves an adventure story of fantasy, bravery, and disillusionment that is easy to follow and enjoy given its brief nature and inability to delve too deep into the world Diamond has created. Although there is just a taste of Diamond’s world of Fae and Elf Kings and Dark Lords, the reader is drawn towards the heart of the one human man in the story. His bravery and cunningness as he faces Diamond’s fantasy world of foes is an inspiring tale of caution to enjoy the things you have and not to focus on the things you don’t.

 Sleep nodded, adding: ‘It is the curse of mortals that they long for that which they do not possess, forgetting the many treasures they already have.’

This is a heavily illustrated young adult book with colorful, crude and rather amateurish illustrations appearing every few pages. I would caution about the appropriate age of the reader as several of the illustrations are very suggestive to the female body and some of the dialog content is crude in its content and reference to the size and prowess of the male genitalia. The dragon cover is a bit misleading as to the type of adventure included in the story since the dragon plays a rather anticlimactic role in the entire story.

I would recommend Age of Adventure for older teens and young adults who are looking for a quick adventure read with a solid character base!