Anatomy of a Scene: The Opening Scenes

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As a writer and editor, Susan is all too familiar with both sides of the publishing world. Since 2009, Susan Brooks has served on the board of directors for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a nonprofit educational organization supporting both published and aspiring writers of commercial fiction. She holds a masters degree in publishing from George Washington University and is Editor in Chief at Literary Wanderlust, a small traditional press located in Denver,  Colorado.

Susan is an editor with many years of experience and occasionally takes on freelance projects. Recent editorial projects include The Homeplace by Kevin Wolf, and The Rampart Guards: Chronicle One in the Adventures of Jason Lex, by Wendy Terrien.

She tweets once in a while and you can follow her as @oosuzieq on Twitter.

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We’ve been talking about writing in scenes as a way for authors to complete their novels, and as a way to ensure that every page of our book is compelling and moves the story forward all the way to the end. Our goal is that we would stop wasting our valuable writing time working on pages that are dull or stray from the story line which later ends up being deleted. We want to make every writing minute count.

This week we are going to focus on The Opening Scene.

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“The opening scene should open with a hit of a riddle.”

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The opening scene is the first scene in your novel and it is the most important scene you will write. If the scene is boring, or confusing, there is a good chance that your reader will put your book down and not buy it. That’s bad. So we need to be sure that the opening scene contains all the elements necessary to make the reader turn the page. Note that the opening scene is not the prologue.

The opening scene serves a few purposes and contains the following:

• It contains the hook. The hook is the reason your reader will read the book because they want to know what happens next
• It implies the story question
• It brings your reader immediately into your story world
• It establishes the setting
• It hints at the overall plot
• It introduces your protagonist and allows the reader a glimpse of their struggles (both interior and exterior)
• It sets up the conflict
• It sets up the pace

The opening scene should open with a hit of a riddle. This riddle is the story question that will be answered by the end of the book, and it is this riddle that will intrigue your reader. There needs to be enough information, enough action, and enough plot information to hook the reader without being overbearing with detail and minutia.

Your inciting incident does not necessarily need to be in your opening scene, but it should be pretty darn close to it. It should definitely be in Act I if you are following a 3 Act Structure or a 4 Act Structure, or it is the catalyst event if you are using a beat sheet. If your inciting incident is not located so early in your story, then I recommend you revise your plot. Note that the inciting incident is the event which begins the story problem that your character must solve by the end of the book. Think about the last movie you watched. What was the thing that made your characters jump into action? That is the inciting incident.

Your main character and your overall plot are intertwined. Plot and character CANNOT be disconnected. Your plot pushes your character, and your character reveals the plot. You must have these two elements in the opening scene, and throughout your book.

The ending to your opening scene (remember that all scenes have a beginning, a middle, and an ending) should leave your reader dangling with tension, crisis, dilemma, or conflict. Leave the significant situation unresolved so that your reader has to find out what happened.

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    Khamenei praised the “selection of a worthy individual whohas more than three decades of service to the system of theIslamic Republic … and who from the time of the revolutionarystruggle … has resisted the enemies of the IslamicRevolution.”

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    The assault rifle was one of thousands of firearms up for grabs on the site, as well as its parent site, Facebook, where guns are also sold — many of them assault weapons, according to The Daily Beast.

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    Yeah, sure, royalties add to your money in the bank, whatever catalogue you have; every artist has that, but the royalties aren’t the lion’s share. I do a lot of gigs and I make money. I don’t need to make it. I do it because I like it. But I do gigs, I do radio. It’s all different things.

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    The board of the American Farm Bureau Federation, the largest U.S. farm group, voted unanimously this week against splitting the farm bill and against repeal of the 1949 law. The board of the No. 2 farm group, the National Farmers Union, was also unanimous in calling for the bill to remain intact.

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    Rob MacKay, who heads the Queens Tourism Council, said the borough has gotten a bad rep over the years. Many people still associate the borough with provincial characters like Archie Bunker, of the 1970s television show “All in the Family.”

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    Continuing its push down market, TalkTalk also introduced a new £2.50 per month, broadband-only package on Wednesday, also aimed at lower-income households and the growing numbers who do not use their home phone line.

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    In less than half a game, Manziel managed to draw both positive and negative attention in his season debut against Rice Saturday. He threw for three touchdown passes after sitting out the first half under suspension. But after being flagged for a personal foul by officials, TAMU coach Kevin Sumlin benched him for the remainder of the contest. Manziel and his teammates — at least the ones who aren’t also still suspended in what has been a tumultuous disciplinary start to the season for the Aggies — face visiting Sam Houston State on Saturday.

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    Mathias van der Jeugt, a euro zone periphery rate strategist at KBC, said Italian bonds were likely to make further ground if the Berlusconi expectations were correct, but said that worries about political instability were unlikely to go away.

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    “That is why I’ve talked so consistently about focusing on the role of parents validly in the decision-making process, because that will empower us to then turn around and say, ‘Okay, we’re listening to you now. You need to listen to us and work with us for the good of all.’

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    When we discussed his GPA in detail, Spencer said he was passionate about economics and did well with that subject and a few other classes that interested him. But he wasn’t able to muster enthusiasm for his communications or literature classes – a reality that his grades reflected.

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    Over four months in early 2010, Costolo, working closelywith Banerji and Ashish Goel, a Stanford engineering professorwho specialized in the science of auction algorithms, to refinethe promoted tweet. It resembled an ordinary Twitter message inevery way, except that advertisers could pay for it to appear atthe top of users’ Tweet streams and search results.

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    Three members – Todd Rokita, Messer and Jackie Walorski -now serve on the House Budget Committee, a big presence for astate with only 6.5 million residents. Todd Young switched fromthat panel to the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. AndStutzman, another Budget Committee alumnus, saw his standing inthe caucus rise after the House passed his plan to separate the$74 billion food stamp program from a long-stalled farm bill, amove aimed at shrinking the nutrition subsidies.

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