William Marrion Branham God’s Twentieth-Century Prophet

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Once in awhile a revival figure emerges in history and challenges people about their beliefs, culture, and ultimate aspirations in life. In William Marrion Branham: God’s Twentieth-Century Prophet, Victor Sutch has masterfully created a juxtaposition of two inspiring lives: Jesus of Nazareth and the post-World War II Christian Minister, William Branham. In this biography, the author shows the connection between Jesus and Branham of Cumberland, demonstrating the outstanding traits of a true minister and miracle worker.


“Lord, Lord, if that light is you, let it come back again.”

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This book is one that will most certainly inspire and encourage Christians and those sincerely seeking meaning and ways to find purpose in life to re-define their faith and determine the direction their life should take. Sutch writes with simplicity, a style that will certainly appeal to a wide audience. One of the strengths of this inspiring book is its focus on the essential. The author does a brilliant job in picking up pieces from the preacher’s life and showing how they relate to Jesus and the Bible; each short chapter of the book treats a theme and allows readers to choose what to read per day. Sutch knows how to bring his message to readers without necessarily boring them with superfluous details. William Marrion Branham: God’s Twentieth-Century Prophet is another beautiful way of understanding the message of Jesus of Nazareth through the work and miracles of one of His servants.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo