William Marrion Branham God’s Twentieth-Century Prophet

Once in awhile a revival figure emerges in history and challenges people about their beliefs, culture, and ultimate aspirations in life. In William Marrion Branham: God’s Twentieth-Century Prophet, Victor Sutch has masterfully created a juxtaposition of two inspiring lives: Jesus of Nazareth and the post-World War II Christian Minister, William Branham. In this biography, the author shows the connection between Jesus and Branham of Cumberland, demonstrating the outstanding traits of a true minister and miracle worker.

“Lord, Lord, if that light is you, let it come back again.”

This book is one that will most certainly inspire and encourage Christians and those sincerely seeking meaning and ways to find purpose in life to re-define their faith and determine the direction their life should take. Sutch writes with simplicity, a style that will certainly appeal to a wide audience. One of the strengths of this inspiring book is its focus on the essential. The author does a brilliant job in picking up pieces from the preacher’s life and showing how they relate to Jesus and the Bible; each short chapter of the book treats a theme and allows readers to choose what to read per day. Sutch knows how to bring his message to readers without necessarily boring them with superfluous details. William Marrion Branham: God’s Twentieth-Century Prophet is another beautiful way of understanding the message of Jesus of Nazareth through the work and miracles of one of His servants.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo