What’s Great About Oregon?

Having been to Oregon several times, I was excited to read this book with its ten places that make this unique state great. The photos are realistic and beautiful and the book is inviting for young people or first-time visitors. The “must-see” locations include Portland, Crater Lake National Park, Family fun Center, Oregon Coast Whale Watching, Wildlife Safari, Out’N’About Treehouse Treesort, Bend, Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon Aquariums, and Hells Canyon. Most are places one would definitely want to see, such as the Treehouse Treesort, a “village in the trees” where guests can spend the night in tree houses connected by rope bridges with lights, bathrooms and kitchens. However, the Family Fun Center is too common; most states have a place to play mini golf and ride rides.

“This state has many beautiful sights.”

There are also other states on both coasts where one can whale watch and see a wildlife safari and caves and aquariums. What happened to the covered bridges of Salem or the town where everyone works to build a carousel, or the college town with a famous Shakespearean festival? I like the page of “Oregon Facts,” which include the number of electoral votes, seven. There is a short glossary and the reader can download complementary educational resources from a website. The book includes an index. Overall, this hardback is a good place to start, but I’m worried that one-time visitors will follow the book and miss places that will make Oregon really stand out and be remembered.