What Elephants Know

In a world where children are allowed to run free, and helicopter parents are almost non-existent, begins the story of Nandu, a young boy who is orphaned and found by a man who cares for elephants.

What Elephants Know by Eric Dinerstein is a unique tale of a wild boy who is connected in a deep way to elephants, most especially Davi Kali, a female elephant who cares about Nandu in the same fashion. The bond of animals, and the telling of the story to make the personality of the animals, the feel of the desert and jungles come alive, is fascinating. The novel never stops the mysterious nature of this young boy passion for not only the survival of his family of humans, but of elephants. The spirit of this young boy transforms him from a child to a young man as the pages turn and weaves an incredible story that is beautifully written. The freedom of Nandu to travel on his quest is enchanting and creates a humble life compared to our own.

The trumpeting of the first-arriving elephants led us to the fairgrounds.

What Elephants Know is more than a novel for young readers, it is a story about a rural world within our own that most are never privy to which entices the reader to explore the jungle from an innocent and outstanding point of view.