How many times have you walked down the street and had a serendipitous moment and thought it luck to have found something, caught the glimpse of a familiar face, or were in a conversation with a complete stranger only to get the feeling that you know the person they are talking about? Turnstiles by Andrea McKenzie Raine takes you through the lives of Willis, a self-imposed vagrant, a criminal defense lawyer with daddy issues, Martin, and a prostitute named Evelyn; the woman who seemingly ties everybody’s story together.

“That’s alright,” she said. “It doesn’t really matter where people come from anyhow; all that matters is where you think you’re headed.”

The premise of this story seems so simple at first glance and yet it is obvious that through her writing, Raine’s takes on the persona of each individual, feeling their pain, their suffering and through telling their personal stories by how flawlessly the story transitions between the characters and their locations. Readers will find themselves in an emotional quandary, as we are often quick to judge others without first knowing their story, and how our lives are truly synchronous.

Turnstiles is a masterfully written book that provides poetic justice to the many facets of society so many of us turn our backs to and Andrea McKenzie Raine deserves grandeur praises as a very gifted and talented writer.