Tumbledown Manor

Tumbledown Manor
Tumbledown Manor
by Helen Brown
Released April 26, 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9781496701480
Published by Kensington
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After her husband leaves her, romance author Lisa Trumperton escapes to Australia to be closer to her family. On a whim, she decides to buy the ramshackle Trumperton Manor, the home of her grandfather, but she may have gotten herself in over her head. As the house is slowly renovated, Lisa rediscovers who she is and forges new, stronger relationships with her family, makes new friends, and even finds love.

“Lisa was beginning to understand that Trumperton was a house to live with rather than in.”

Helen Brown’s new novel is a delightful excursion to the far away continent of Australia, where heroine Lisa struggles to become closer to her children and mend her own broken heart. Thankfully, it doesn’t take Lisa long to see her ex-husband for the scum he is, but it’s hard at times to watch her struggle to figure out who she is without him. Brown has created a fun cast of characters, including Lisa’s adult children, love interest Scott, and a couple of opinionated and personable animals. Through all of the challenges Lisa faces, she continues to find the positives in her life, and readers will be inspired to see her grow. “Tumbledown Manor” is a fun read that will leave readers with a warm glow.

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