Students learning about the early American History have an outstanding reference in A Timeline History of the Thirteen Colonies. This is part of the Timeline Trackers: America’s Beginning series and is by Mary K. Pratt. This full color visual display along a timeline breaks down historical events in an easy to read format which starts from the 1600’s and continues up to the Declaration of Independence. This highlights each state’s individual events and its own timelines of what occurred. The book provides an overview of events, which allows educators and/or students to follow up on specific areas of interest.

“The Puritans were not the only ones seeking religious freedom in the New World. Other Christians in England also struggled to practice their religion freely. They too came to America seeking a fresh start.”

For example, the Salem Witch trials are listed, and a short line is included on the timeline and the corresponding text, however the details are left out. Sometimes this is a good reference for those who don’t want to spend an entire lesson on witches. In contrast, slavery has a larger blurb highlighting the mistreatment of not only the people who were taken from Africa, but also the first slaves, which were Native Americans. One page also highlights an advertisement of the arrival of slaves and the bidding, which would occur for them. This is a blunt, yet brief history, which outlines the essential information in a manner, which is short enough to have no opinions and allow children to form their own thoughts and individual interest.