The Too-Scary Story

When Papa puts Walter and Grace, his two brave explorers to bed, he starts to tell them a bedtime story. Grace wants a scary story, but Walter doesn’t want it to be scary at all. With the constant pleas for “scary” and cries of “too scary,” Papa settles into his story, alternating between the two. But when the story takes a turn and a dark shadow monster creeps into the room, it’s up to Grace to save the day.

“One dark night, in a house on a hill…”

From shadow monsters to fireflies, creaks in the dark, and one brave sister with a wand, The Too-Scary Story has everything needed for a scary/not scary bedtime story. Delightfully fun and full of charm this bedtime story yields the perfect blend of combing two styles of stories, in two tempos, to make a brother and sister work together for the perfect ending. Young readers will giggle and laugh, or hide under the blanket, but no matter how they choose to listen they will still cheer in the end. Bethanie Deeney Murguia blends the art of storytelling with adorable illustrations, pulling readers right into the heart of the story.