The Thank You Book

It is very important to say thank you and be thankful for the blessings in your life. Some of the funniest books are by Mo Williams, who writes the pigeon books and Elephant & Piggie books. Somehow the pigeon is always in the book somewhere too, which is super funny because the book isn’t about him. In The Thank You Book Piggie realizes he needs to let the animals in his life know how much they mean to him, because he is a very lucky pig. He goes around telling everyone thank you and Elephant is worried he will forget someone, and it makes Piggie mad. Then he realizes he did forget to thank his best friend Elephant and tells him how great he is, but while it is very sweet, Elephant tells him he still forgot the most important person…the reader.

“I am one lucky pig.”

It is kind of nice that Williams could create a book to thank the readers for making his books so popular, while also reminding kids that we need to be thankful and remember to say it to the people who are important to us and make everything happen for us. All of the books by Williams can be red over and over again and you will notice something different either by the voice you will use to read it aloud or the funny expressions on the animals faces. Mo Williams created another book that is a family favorite.