The Sin of Certainty: Why God Desires Our Trust More Than Our “Correct” Beliefs

Faith is a tricky word. Having faith and being certain of what you believe, are varied thoughts, yet seem on the surface to be the same. Peter Enns, a Professor of Biblical Studies writes an outstanding book to address such thoughts, and shake the foundation of faith into searching out what you truly believe in The Sin of Certainty.

“That may be, but I’m not sure that captures the gist of the story. How about “God is so angry and so very sorry for creating humans that he drowns all humans (and animals) except for a small fraction of the population’?”

This is a book written for anyone on the cusp of belief at any stage in their life and addresses not only the loving God/Jesus we want Him to be, but the wrath of God who He has been and still can be. A genuine in depth look at recognizing the error of isolating scripture from the bible without the context of what it refers to and relating it to not only the entire situation but the individual trials occurring in that moment. Reading a verse and standing on it, Enns points out how that misinterpretation can be twisted to suit a situation, which it most certainly does not fit.

A compelling story that points out having trust in God, in a matter, is far greater than any other act. Fearing and Loving God go hand in hand and accepting the natural human curiosity for growth is important. This is a book, which makes readers strive to know more and connect with God as an individual.